Friday, July 11, 2008

"Lesson For The Day"

Today I was looking through my book Beautiful In God's Eyes and came across a thought that "hit home" HARD! The title of this particular chapter was "A Watchful Eye, Her Management". {This book is about the virtues of the Proverbs 31 Woman} Anyway, Elizabeth George reminds us of a good principle to remember when it comes to life in our homes. 'The people first, then the place'. She quotes a wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother by the name of Edith Schaeffer: "Neglected mothers and grandmothers may perhaps have been preparing for their own neglect by teaching over and over again that people's sensitive feelings, and people's need of response is never as important as clean houses, schedules, or rules and regulations." WOW!!! That is just what I needed to hear. As most of you know I am a little on the OCD side with the cleaning and scheduling so this is so me!!! God has been convicting me of my failure to "let it go and have some fun" and what-do-ya-know, He put it right here in this book just to remind me again! She goes on to say when you follow the precept, people first, place second, you'll always be focusing your energy in the right place-the place for maximum beauty!
It would all be so easy if God only expected us to have fun...but no, He expects us to balance the two-keep watch over the people and the home. So, for the second half of that responsibility, Elizabeth says this: "The woman who is beautiful in God's eyes makes sure her home is beautifully attended to." The joke that reports "Most homes nowadays seem to be on three shifts-Father is on the night shift, Mother is on the day shift, and the children shift themselves" must never be true in the beautiful home we are building for GOD!" Well, I don't know about the rest of you guys, but this is a tremendous challenge for me! So ladies, enjoy the beauty of serving in a little place, a little home!

And...I had to share a picture {or two} of my sweet little man.


Julie said...

I might need to read that book as well!! I have a bit of OCD in myself too!! You are a terrific mother, Beth! I love you!!

Ashley said...

You're such a smartie, Beth! I've really enjoyed the past two posts tributed more to your "thoughts"! People then the home...good lesson! :) I love you too!!!