Wednesday, July 23, 2008


It has been sooooo HOT these days that going outside is pretty much not an option unless we just have to. {I don't know how John and all the guys that work outside in this heat do it. Bless their Hearts!! I know why he is so pooped when he gets home everyday.} So, anyway we are just about to go crazy in this house day after day. Please Lord, send some cooler weather! Here are some pictures from today:

"Peek-a-Boo!" "I see you!"

"Oh, No. She caught me."

John Luke has started hiding. This is one of his favorite spots. He gets himself tucked in this little hole and plays with my Taste of Home dishes {that's what's in the brown boxes} and tears the paper off the picture behind him. He knows all of this is a "NO,NO" and I guess he thinks since he is in that little corner that I can't see him.

I found him in the closet today.


Anonymous said...

Our little stinkpot! What a pleasure he has been to our family. We would love a squeeze and a hug right now. He's growing up to fast. We love you, John Luke and his mama. Nan, Aunt Amy, and Aunt Kimberly

Anonymous said...

I saw your hubby yesterday, and he did look rather sweaty! I'm glad you and John Luke have found something to do around the house! It looks like you both had some fun!

jeff and rebecca said...

What are taste of home dishes? I love the magazine but I didn't know they sold dishes. John Luke looks like he could have a good time in whatever he does-inside or out! I have alot of clothes of Will's to give you if you are interested.

DeAnne DuBose said...

What a cutie pie!

Julie said...

What a sweetie!!! "Lord Send Cooler Weather" is definitely my prayer too!!!!