Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ain't nobody got time for that

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The sky is so amusing to me.  I am always captured by the sunset and I'm so thankful I have this beautiful view out the back of my house.  If I could, I'd take down every wall across the back and put windows in.  In the evenings when I'm supposed to be cooking supper, I catch myself standing at the back door, looking out at the sky while the rice cooks to mush, and the bread burns.  I usually run to get my camera and take 57 pictures while John says, "How many pictures of the same thing can you take? You did this yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that."  And he's right.  I just can't get enough.

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We have started the process of lent and after a whopping 7 days, I am pleased with how it has turned out.  Let me give you a quick run-down:
  • We as a family decided to fast from TV viewing {at night}.  I proposed, {just to give us something to go by and because I'm a little OCD about planning and scheduling} we would start our fast beginning at 4:00 every afternoon.  The TV remains turned off from then until the kids are in bed, and if after that my husband feels like he may explode without it, he turns it on to watch the same old junk over and over.  Surprisingly, he has left it off a couple of nights, and it has been fantastic.
  • I am fasting from Facebook Monday-Saturday.  Who knew how much time I would save?!  I really didn't think it took away that much out of my day.  I just checked in here and there.  But man alive!  It has been a blessing on several levels.
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{One of my favorite parts of this picture is the "Families Are Forever" sign.   In today's society that means absolutely nothing.  Even in the Christian world-view.  When it gets tough, we give up and move on to greener grass.  And yes, I know it can get really tough.  And no, I've not walked in some paths that so many have, but I do know that God intended  for a family to last forever.  There are no doubt exceptions that I believe God allows, but the VAST majority of "Biblical divorces" have nothing to do with what the Bible actually says.  I do not say that to be arrogant.  I know my marriage is NOT immune to failure.  I pray for His grace and mercy and protection on my family.  It is scary.}
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Moving on...

Just to stay super honest, in the past 7 days, I've had to be on FB two times outside my {allowed} day.  I needed to get some info from a teacher, and also let a friend know plans had changed and that was the quickest way to do so.  And I also 'shared' a blog post from another blog because I thought it was just too good not to pass along.  And just to clarify {because I still think I have to explain myself way more than I should} I can share things on Facebook without actually being on Facebook.  So that gives me the opportunity to still put things out there that may bless another person without 'breaking the rules' per say. 

Also, we did watch the Gold Rush special on Friday night.  After lots of begging {from kids AND husband}, I gave in.

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I seriously don't want to be legalistic about any of this.  I don't believe it's intended to make you feel guilt-ridden.  But instead to make you more aware of the need for Jesus and how much He gave for us. 

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While on our fast, we've had time for some pretty cool crafts, long dinner conversations, playing games, some serious hide-and-seek, more bedtime stories and snuggling, and some super duper tea parties.  And I've had more time to's been so nice.

I would even venture to say, it has somewhat simplified life.
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The time away from the social-media has been a blessing.  Don't get me wrong.  I have enjoyed Facebook.  It is super convenient.  And there are some really good aspects of it.  I just felt the need to back away somewhat.  I think I had become too dependent on it and the ability to know every little detail of other's lives had become in some crazy kind of way an added stressor that I don't need.  The break has been refreshing.

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So, after 5 days into this new {for our family anyway} idea, I am liking it.

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Life is waaaay too short.  Kids are growing waaaay too fast.  I'm getting old-er.  And that stuff just steals away my precious time more than I ever thought.

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And really, I agree with Sweet Brown.  "Ain't nobody got time for that."


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The Farmer's Wife said...

Beautiful sunset. Wish I had that view. Surely, it makes it easier not to watch t.v. : )