Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fun On The Farm

John Luke is driving the Ranger.
"Let's go Aunt Amy!" "What are we waiting on?"
John Luke and Brad. (Please forgive the ugly sweatshirt.)
John Luke and Mama.
Mama is trying to get a kiss!

Today Aunt Amy, Aunt Kimberly, and Brad all came over to "play" with sweet man. Since it was so nice outside they rode on the Ranger. John Luke loves to ride on the Ranger and now he thinks he is supposed to drive. I think Aunt Amy had as much fun on the Ranger as John Luke!
Also, just so you know, Brad is not making any rude gestures in the picture with he and John Luke. It is totally innocent. I didn't even notice it when I was taking the picture. We were all too busy trying to get John Luke to look at the camera! Just wanted to clear up any questions!

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Reeves Family said...

I thought I would try again to leave a comment...maybe it will work. JL looks like he is having fun!!! He did so well this morning in church!!