Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"Uh, Oh!"

"What do I need?"
"I'm gonna need a mirror."
"Some mascarra..."
"And I think this brush is the perfect size."

This is what I was talking about earlier!! Just a minute ago I was putting on my make-up and I ran to grab some clothes out of the dryer. When I returned, this is what I found my son doing! He loves getting everything out of my bag. Oh well, I hope he will eventually lose interest!!


Kristen said...

Don't bank on him losing interest. If he's anything like Maggie it matters not what she's pulling out but how much she can pull out! John Luke is precious!

Shonna said...

He's too sweet...tell his daddy it looks like "Snowflake" is living up to his name!!! HAHAHA

Ashley said...

Sawyer's favorite thing is my makeup bag. I just let him have it. Lots of days I end up with wet brushes! He sure is cute!!

Dave and Mandi said...

Beth, I have really enjoyed reading about John Luke in your blog. We don't get to see ya'll much, and it really is nice to be able to keep up!! He is so handsome. You need to convince Jessica to start blogging!