Friday, April 15, 2011

I have a mini obsession and a mini confession!

want need a 40 oz. bag of these! 

I ate all of the ones my mother brought for me to give to the kids. They never even had a chance. I completely did away with them.

 I have a problem. 


jeff and rebecca said...

I too love these. I guess you can tell by the look of me huh? Easter is my favorite time for many reasons. Mainly because of my wonderful savior and the newness of the world. But also because I think Easter offers the very best candy!!!! Love you bunches and pray that we can see yall soon.

Beth said...

Oh Rebecca! I love you too and miss you lots! Easter is by far my most favorite holiday for so many reasons:) I pray we will see y'all soon too! Love you much:)

Nan said...

Shame on you Beth!!! I will put you a bag in your Easter basket. Love, Your Mama