Thursday, August 18, 2011

In God's heart I am.....


And that makes me breathe a big sigh of relief.


Even when I'm totally rotten.

Like when I say things I really, really shouldn't have said.

Or don't say things I really, really should have said.

Even when I fail at every role.


When my house is not spotless.
When the clothes are piled sky-high.

When I choose sleep over time with Him.

When I think those thoughts that I shouldn't think.

When I lose it and take it out on my kids.

Even when I stink at EVERYthing.


Even when I judge.

Even when I begrudge.

Even when I envy.


Even when I take control.

Even when I lose control.

In His heart I am.......


And the most unbelievable part about it is......

He knew I would be all of these things and more.

And still said I was enough!

Enough to die. For rotten old me.

I was.....


Would you like to play along? If so, complete your own, "In God's heart I am, .........sentence with your own word.  Take a picture and upload it here. If you do so by midnight Thursday, you could win some cool stuff!  Click here for more information.


Kristy said...

Thank you for being a vessel of hope and encouragement! This is BEAUTIFUL and has touched my heart! I think I may print this out and stick on every mirror in my house for my 3 teenage girls and I to see as a constant reminder that even tho we fall short... We are ENOUGH! LOVE IT! <3

Beth said...

Thank you so much! You encourage me with your comment! So sweet :)