Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My life in songs

 I believe in love.
And this is a love without end, Amen.

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound.
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost, but now I'm found.
Was blind but now I see.

This much I know is true....
God has blessed the broken road.

I hear babies crying.
I watch them grow.
And I think to myself...
What a wonderful world!

You mean the world to me.
I know I've found in you, my endless love.

It's not always easy.
And sometimes life can be deceiving.
But I'll tell you one thing.....
it's always better when we're together.

It's a winding road....
so don't wait for someone to tell you it's too late.
'Cause these are the best days.
It's always something tomorrow.
So I say...
let's make the best of tonight.

This kinda love makes me feel 10 feet tall.
It makes all my problems fall.
And this kinda love....it's what I dreamed about.
Yea, it fills me up. It leaves no doubt.
.....I can't get enough of this kinda love!

Just remember when you're standing in the valley of decision...
And the advesary says give in.
Just hold on.  Our Love will show up, and He will take you through the fire again.

Beautiful Lord, Wonderful Savior.
I know for sure all of my days are held in your hands.
Crafted into your perfect plan.

Jesus is my portion. A constant friend is He.
His eye is on the sparrow.
 And I know He watches me.
So I sing because I'm happy. And I sing because I'm free.

When I am down, and oh my soul so weary...
When troubles come, and my heart burden be.
Then I am still and wait here in the silence until You come and sit awhile with me.
You raise me up so I can stand on mountains.
You raise me up to walk on stormy seas.
I am strong when I am on your shoulders.
You raise me up to more than I can be!

One day far away, you gently won my heart.
And one night by candlelight we made a vow to never part.
Years fly. They hurry by. The simple times are gone.
Bills due, a kid or two.  A week can feel eight days long.
We trace God's daily grace, thankful we're still holding hands.
There's a hope that won't let go. There's a truth we know.
God is holding us in His arms.
Our loves secure. So rest assured.
Come what may, until that day, we'll walk forever holding hands.
By God's grace, come what may, we'll walk forever holding hands.

Heal the wound but leave the scar.
A reminder of how merciful You are.

We pray for blessings, we pray for peace.
Comfort for family. Protection while we sleep.
We pray for healing......we pray for Your mighty hand to ease our suffering.
All the while, You hear each spoken need,  yet love is way too much to give us less of things.
'Cause what if Your blessings come through rain drops, what if Your healing comes through tears.
What if a 1000 sleepless nights are what it takes to know You're near.
What if trials of this life
are Your mercies in disguise?

When I survey the wondrous cross, on which the Prince of glory died.
My richest gain I count but loss. And pour contempt on all my pride.
Forbid it, Lord, that I should boast. Save in the death of Christ, my God; All the vain things that charm me most,
I sacrifice them to His blood.

How it amazes me your changing with every blink.
Faster than a flower blooms they grow up all too soon.
So let them be little. Cause they're only that way for awhile.
Give 'em hope. Give them praise. Give them love everyday.
Let 'em cry. Let 'em giggle. Let 'em sleep in the middle.
Oh, but let them be little.

Love you forever and forever. Love you with all my heart.
Love you when we're together. Love you when we're apart.
I will, I will. Love you forever and forever.

Mama cut out pictures of houses for years from Better Homes and Garden magazine.
Plans were drawn and concrete poured and nail by nail and board by board daddy gave life to mama's dream.
If I could just come in, I swear I'd leave with nothin' but a memory....
of the house that built me.

Sweet hour of prayer, sweet hour of prayer, that calls me from a world of care.
And bids me at my Father's throne. Make all my wants and wishes known!
In seasons of distress and grief, my soul has often found relief.
And oft escaped the tempter's snare, by Thy return sweet hour of prayer.

I have a Maker. He formed my heart.
Before even time began, my life was in His hands.
He knows my name.  He knows my every thought.
He sees each tear that falls. And hears me when I call.
I have Father. He calls me His own.
He'll never leave me, no matter where I go.
He knows my name. He knows my every thought.
He sees each tear that falls. And hears me when I call.

Your name is Jesus. Your name is Jesus.
You're the Wonderful Counselor. My Friend.
You're what I hold onto. I know that You brought me through all the days of loss to the cross, You knew that I'd need a Savior!

Because He lives I can face tomorrow.
Because He lives all fear is gone.
Because I know He holds the future.
And life is worth the living just because He lives!

Oh the deep, deep love of Jesus!
Spread His praise from shore to shore.
How He came to pay our ransom through the saving cross He bore.
How He watches or' His loved ones, those He died to make His own.
Oh the deep, deep love. All I need and trust is the deep, deep love of Jesus.

Somewhere over the rainbow.....
Way up high.
There's a land that I heard of once in a lullaby.
Somewhere over the rainbow.....
skies are blue.
And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.

Oh please, please. Will you dance with me?
Dance through this life with me.

" Life is a splendid gift----there is nothing small about it."
-----Florence Nightingale


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Sweetheart, I love, love, love this post!

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Thank you! I love music so it was so refreshing to listen to all the songs while I wrote:)

Lori said...

Some of my favorites in there!! Loved this!

The Starr Family said...

Thanks for providing the soundtrack to my day... thanks be to HIM!