Sunday, August 7, 2011

Not this year


Not this year.

And I couldn't be more grateful!

I've been hearing all these Mamas talkin'.

About sendin' their babies away.

And I am breathin' sighs of relief.

Not this year.  Nope.  He's stayin' with me.  For one more year.

At least.

And I couldn't be happier!


Prayers for those Mamas and babies.  May God bless you both :)


Lori said...

It was a wonderful feeling this morning when I was looking at everyone's Kindergarten pictures that I didn't have any this year:)

Beth said...

Yes it was:) My heart just breaks thinking about it! We are ready for our 2 days of MDO for sure, but NOT the real thing;))!!

Tara said...

There's not a thing in the world with keeping him with his mama an extra year. My mom did it with Max and it made all the difference! I'm so glad Cate's birthday is in September because I get an extra year with her, too! Enjoy yours...such a sweet time!

Beth said...

John Luke is actually only 4 this year so he could start next year. BUT, if things don't drastically change b/t now and then, he'll be staying home with me again next year! I totally agree with you! Totally!!! My parents held my oldest little sister back and it was the best thing they could have done for her in every way! I've never heard of a negative effect from holding a child back, even from the teachers, but I have heard negative things from parents who did send their kids on. What could one more year at home with their Mama's influence on them ever hurt?!! Especially when they are like John Luke....shy as they come, could careless about the alphabet or writing his name or anything that is related to school! Anyway, I'm so glad you posted that! I've had some negative opinions from others already;) We shall see :)

Shonna said...

We heard a lot of "opinions" both ways while Jamey and I were trying to decide if we were going to send Caroline (who is still 4 until this Sunday:)) on this year or wait until next...and we decided that it was best for Caroline to go on this year as she was ready as far as academics and maturity. I think the decision on when (and where, for that matter) you send your child to school should only concern that child and that child's parents and everyone else should keep their opinions to themselves. Enjoy this time with JL and I am sure you and John will make the right decision on when to send him on to Kindergarten:)

Beth said...

You couldn't be more right:) In the end, John and I know our children better than anyone, and we will make the best decision for John Luke and John Luke alone :)