Saturday, September 10, 2011

In real life.....

I love to read blogs that make me feel like I'm sitting there "talking" to someone I've known for years.
And my most favorite posts are those that let you in on the "real life" of that person.  You know.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  It makes me know that I'm not the only one in the world that does that, or feels that way, or has kids that do that. I think that's one of the many reasons I have fallen so in love with blogging.

So today I will do my version of "In real life".  Of course this was supposed to be done on Friday and only take 5 minutes, thus the name 5 Minute Friday, but as usual I'm running late. So here's my version on Saturday. And if you would like to see some others that are probably much more interesting, go here and here.

In real life....
  • I am a Martha all the way. But very much desire to be able to at least sometimes be a Mary.
  • I am a hermit.  Love to be home. With nothing on the agenda.
  • It doesn't take much busyness on the schedule to overwhelm me. As I said, I like to be home.
  • I don't like to cook. I do it only because my family must eat.
  • I struggle with who I am and who I want to be in Jesus. 
  • I do not always think before I speak.
  • I start arguements and don't say I'm sorry.
  • I need relationships with my husband and children.  Not to be just husband/wife and Mama, but to have a relationship.
  • I love to hug and cuddle.
  • I have insecurities about my parenting ablities.
  • I must have sleep.
  • Music inspires me greatly.  It brings about tons of emotions all at once.
  • I cry easliy. Especially about my children.
  • I am passionate about my marriage, children, and home.
  • The "Mama Bear" in me comes out quickly.
  • I eat ice like a piranha.
  • I am totally an Acts of Service and Quality Time  lover.
  • I spend too much time blogging.
  • I spray cleaning products in my house just to smell them.
  • I struggle every single day with blanket victory. {Getting up before my household}.
  • I do not eat healthy or exercise.
  • I want to be more giving.
  • I need lots of grace {from God and others}, but I am not good at being a grace-giver.
  • This took much longer than 5 minutes.
Happy Saturday!   And War Eagle!

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