Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Date Night Ideas...

Okay, today as I was looking at blogs, I came across something that sparked my interest. If you are like me, 'date night' is almost non-existent, but you really wish it did exist so you "dream" about it hoping that your dream will become a reality. We talk about having 'dates' but we hardly ever get past the talking stage. I really hope one day we can make a commitment to go out at least one night a month. That's not too much to ask, is it?!! We are so different in so many ways and this is definitely one area. John doesn't mind going out alone, but he doesn't need it. Me on the other hand, I NEED it!! He doesn't necessarily enjoy sitting around talking, but I LOVE to just sit and talk. He thinks that is crazy! If you have ever read The Five Love Languages, you know your love language. Well my primary love language is quality time. You would think the Mama would be the one that never wants to leave the child, but in our case it's the daddy! {Which I am thankful he loves his son, and he wants to be with him so I try not to complain about it.} Anyway, I thought about our date nights, {when we have them}, and for the most part we go to a restaurant, stuff our face, and come back home. Don't get me wrong I enjoy going out to eat with my husband, I just think we could add a little more adventure to the night. So...that is why I found this to be interesting. This girl was talking about the same subject. She and her husband were discussing their date nights and he remembered something their pre-engagement counselor had said..."be intentional in your conversations and time together, perhaps allowing for a date night just for her , and one just for him." Her idea for the just for her night was to have a "question and answer" session while waiting for their meal. {She likes to TALK as well!} So she copied off some questions and came up with a few of her own. I thought, what a genius idea? Thought some of you may be interested as well so here are some examples...
- If you were to serenade your bride, what song would she hear?
- All costs covered, you two have 36 hours to be anywhere. Where shall y'all be going?
- Oscar, Grammy, Pulitzer Prize. Who gets which? (John would ask "What is Pulitzer Prize?)
- If your spouse were a fruit, which would we he/she be?
- It rains all Saturday. The Netflix guy lives next door. What three movies do you borrow?
- An hour to roam the mall. Where will you be?
- Sir, you surprise her by cooking supper. What's on the menu? (Hmmm. This would be interesting!)
- Your ultimate roll-up-the-rug dancin' shoes mix CD starts with what tune?
- Groom, you go back in time and get to meet your bride for the first time again. Give us your best one-liner.
- You came to a compromise- What color did you paint the room?
- Who would you say is your bride/groom's look-a-like?
- The both of you are iceskating, who takes the nastiest fall?
- Which character in Saved By the Bell were you most like in high school?
- If you could go back in time and play the leading role in any movie ever made, what role and why?
- Which spring sporting event will you celebrate- Final Four, Kentucky Derby, or the Masters?
- First Christmas tree- Colored bulbs or white?
- Tell one thing about him/her that makes you laugh.
- You must spend $1000.00 on your husband. What will you buy?
- Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall?
- The sun is bright, it's 80* outside, and it's Saturday. Where are you?
- What hidden talent does your spouse have that would surprise even those who think they know him/her well?
- What is your favorite hour of the day?
- What is your spouse's fav. activity or hobby?
- You have the day completely to yourself. What do you do?
- You have $100 to "burn" cannot save it, put it toward your budget, you must spend any way you like!
- You get to plan your next date night. What do you plan?
1. Money is NO option. 2. Money IS an option.
- You really want to speak to your spouse's love language. What do you do?
- Favorite personality trait of your spouse.
- Your spouse's favorite book of the Bible.

These would be fun to ask just sitting at home together. I hope to do this soon! I'll let y'all know how it goes!!

Man, marriage is REALLY HARD WORK! But it's worth it!!!


Josh and Lyndsay said...

I love the questions!! Definitely have to turn off the tv one day and have a talk with Josh. :)

Dawn said...

Beth, I couldn't have said it better myself. Marriage is hard work and each one with different issues. Date nights around here are scarce b/c of school and work! All men are different but have a lot of the same quirks. Fortunately I don't have the talking issue with your brother. He loves to talk, thank goodness! I love the date questions. I'm sure anytime you wanted to go on a date you wouldn't have a problem finding a babysitter but in case you do we will watch John Luke anytime. I'm sure Nan and the other Aunt's wouldn't mind either! Take care and I love the post!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like so much fun...I know we don't have kids yet, but it still seems like we don't see eachother until the weekends...and I see him everyday!

jeff and rebecca said...

Good post!!!! I have found that the longer I am married, the harder it is sometimes to find those sparks. I have begun to pray everday that God will let Jeff love me more, I will love Jeff more and that we both will love Him more. We all had better stay on our knees where our marriages are concerned! Satan would love to catch us off guard in that area.

Julie said...

We definitely have that in common....I LOVE TO CHAT! I'll try those questions out on Jeremy!

Ashley said...

Hey chick! I saw that on Darby's blog comments yesterday. It's so funny how most men are probably just like John/Walker too! :) I'll crack myself up sometimes talking to Walker-b/c I can talk, talk, talk...and then I'll realize he's not paying attention! I like the idea! Our SS talk on marriage the other day talked about how important dates are, and the older couple suggested going to the fair together or to the park. That's definitely more fun than dinner sometimes!! Those dates are important! have you seen Fireproof yet??????? Make that your next date if not! Y'all will love it!!

The Wilson's said...

My favorite time of the year is right now, so it is when I usually want to get out and do more things. Unfortunately my husband has a HUGE passion for hunting, so anytime I want to plan something special---hunting gets in the way!!
So..I have just about given up on dating. That is kind of a good thing because we have less disagreements, if I just give in and let him hunt like he wants to. I think I already mentioned, but this Sunday is our 6 year wedding anniversary and where will Jason the woods in Illinois. I think you get my point!!

Beth said...

I know exactly what you mean about having a husband that loves to hunt...John has been in Canada every year I've known him on my birthday, except one {the year John Luke was born}!!! He'll be there this year too!!!!!!!! But you're right, letting them go and enjoy what they like to do is usually the best thing to do!