Monday, October 27, 2008

Pro-Life vs. Pro-Abortion

This morning Dr. James Dobson with Focus On The Family shared some appalling information about Barrack Obama's plan for the unborn. Dr. Dobson's guest was Dr. Robert George of Princeton University who discussed his recent article: Obama's Abortion Extremism. Please take the time to read this article. It is amazing! Obama claims to be pro-choice,{which is bad enough} but the TRUTH is he is the most extreme pro-abortionist to ever run for the presidency. He is adamantly against preserving the most fragile and vulnerable life--that of the unborn child.
"Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward." Psalms 127:3
"I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works"... Psalms 139:14"


The Wilson's said...

We just need to vote and pray for McCain!!! I am scared to death of what we don't know about Obama and the fact that he might be the next president.

Julie said...

I listened to a little message on Faith Radio last week about Obama and abortion. They were talking about how he wants his girls to have the right to abort a baby if needed.....He is a scary man!!! I pray daily that he isn't elected our next president!!! We proudly have our McCain/Palin sign at the end of our driveway. Maybe it will persuade people to vote for the RIGHT person.

jeff and rebecca said...

Yesterday in Laurel I saw a bumper sticker that I just could not believe. It was Obama's face and it said "Our Savior". Can you believe it? He is going to be our grim reaper-we only have one Savior and it certainly isn't Obama!!!! I should have chased the lady down and given her my bible to find out who the real Savior is!!!!

Beth said...

It is absolutely amazing what people believe! I am sickened by the thought of that man! Our country is in a SAD state!!!! So many people are deceived and then even more just don't care...they are voting on him because they think they might get a bigger handout! And the worst part is none of them care a bit about his moral standards. It's all about the here and now! "Give me, Give me, Give me!!" The only truth that gives us christians hope is that God is still in control and one day "EVERY knee shall bow, and EVERY tongue confess."

Super B's Mom said...

I share your feelings on this. I am so deeply concerned about the safety of unborn children if Obama is elected. He is as close to Pro-Abortion as it gets.