Friday, October 10, 2008

I called John Luke into the computer room to watch himself on the blog video. At first he was just sitting there but as the video started playing he got closer and closer to the screen. Eventually he was on top of the desk!

This morning as I was cleaning out his closet, he read his books to me.

Then he pulled up the blinds and talked to all the birds, Lucky, the cows, and anything else he saw outside.

We had a sweet little visitor this week...Mr. William Grimes. And my oh my, how he has grown!!

Isn't he precious?!!


The Wilson's said...

Isn't it neat how facsinated children are with seeing themselves on video or even just in the mirror.
We were married in Gatlinbug, TN, at the Little Log Wedding Chapel. It was a real small wedding, and a real small chapel, but everything was decorated so beautifully.

Ashley said...

How cute are those two little boys!?!?! I love those pictures! Wish I could have hung out with you and Ginny too!!!

jeff and rebecca said...

That is one long baby! He is almost as tall as John Luke. Is he gentle with babies or is he jealous?

Beth said...

Wish you could have joined us too, Ashley!

He was jealous to begin with. He came over and got in my lap and started crying. After a little bit, he warmed up to him. He's not gentle at all! I don't think he knows how to be gentle!

Tara McClendon said...

What sweet pictures! Love that John Luke is so into the video that he's on top of the desk! Also love the one of him and baby Willian...too cute!

Ginny said...

I sure think he is precious!! John Luke was sweet with him, Hunter says it looks like they are talking to each other. Thanks again for the jumper. William loves it, I will post pictures of him in it soon! (Ashley, I wish you could have been there too!)