Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fall, Fall and More Fall!

More pictures of Fall! I am just "falling" more & more in love with this Fall weather day by day! I know I say it over and over, but it's so refreshing! Even though it's not completely cooled off, the nice crisp mornings are enough to get me excited!

I have been feeling pretty yucky today, so John and John Luke went to church without me this morning and then John went to a dove shoot, and John Luke went home with his Nan and Pop and his two aunts {I'm sure he wasn't spoiled a bit!} Anyway, being home alone all day has been quite nice even though I don't feel the greatest. Since I have been alone, I've used my time very wisely...on the computer!!! Here are some of the beautiful Fall pictures I found while looking up anything and everything on the internet. They look so relaxing, I wish I could just step into each one!!
Hope you all have a great night!


Dave and Mandi said...

I LOVE the photos Beth. I seriously think my "Dream Honeymoon" would be to drive through New England this time of year and admire the beautiful scenery.

Ashley said...

Are you feeling better now???

Julie said...

The photos are so refreshing and theraputic!!

Is there a particular reason that you might be feeling under the weather today? Perhaps....morning sickness?!?!? :) Or, am I just wishful thinking?

Beth said...

No, Julie! Sorry! I'm not pregnant!!

Dawn said...

Hey Beth. I hope you are feeling better now. You got some great pictures downloaded while you were at home! Take care...John Luke's mama can't get sick! She has too much running to do after JL!!

lisa said...

Beautiful pictures, Beth! The one of the church looks just like a church near where I grew up in MA. Fall in New England is like no other!