Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sweet Addition

I know most of you have seen all of Ashley's pictures of this sweet little man, but I wanted to share some too. I thought the ones of John Luke with Mrs. Ashley were precious! He climbed up there in that bed with her and was so sweet! There is no doubt he remembers Mrs. Ashley!!! {Doesn't she look great?!!}Congratulations to Walker, Ashley, and Sawyer!! Eli is precious and Sawyer is a sweet big brother!


nan said...

Eli is a beautiful,little,baby boy!!!! Congratulations again, Williams family! Beth, I'm sure you enjoyed cuddling that precious bundle of joy. How did my little man respond to him? Love to all!! Nan

Aunt Amy said...

Awww...how cute! Ashley doesn't even look like she a baby!

Ashley said...

I just saw your sweet post! THANKS, BETH! We love you!